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Three Extras To Book In Your First Trip To A Third World Nation

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Exploring a nation outside of your own is an important way to get to know more about the world. If you are curious about lifestyles that are much different than your own and nations with different systems of government, you should select a country that you would never have thought to go to for a vacation. A third world nation is one of the best places to gain perspective on how people very different from yourself live. Before you visit a third world nation for the first time, there are some arrangements that you should make in advance that you may not make in a developed nation. Here are three extras to book before leaving on your trip to a third world nation. 

Book daily transportation

If you cannot speak the language in the country you will bet traveling, taking public transit will be a difficult thing to do. It can also be hard to find a driver that speaks the English language if you are looking for someone after landing. Call your international travel booking agent and ask them to book a driver for each of the days that you will be there. It is also possible to book the driver for the heavy days where you have booked activities, then get the number of the driver to call if you need impromptu transportation. 

Four-star level

If you will be going to a still developing nation, the star level for accommodations may be based on their standards, not the standards of the country that you currently live. In some countries, hotels come with public restrooms and showers, as well as rooms with no heating or air conditioning. International booking agents will be able to describe the star levels for the hotel accommodations based on your country's standards. Be sure to pick a four-star level if you wish to get all standard American accommodations inside your hotel. 

Inclusive meals

A travel agent will have the best knowledge of restaurants available in the country that you will be traveling. If you are not native to the cuisine in your country of travel, get some pre-booked meals at good restaurants in the area. Prepay for a meal at certain restaurants for the first few days of travel. This can allow you to find a place to eat if you are not feeling adventurous, or if you would rather stick to cuisine that you have gotten to know.